11 best new Android games released this week including Bendy and the Ink Machine, Golf Club: Wasteland, and Orbt XL


Welcome to the summary of the best new Android games that were released live in the Play Store or that we met in the previous week. Thanks to Christmas, not many games have been published in the Play Store last week, but that does not mean there are not some quality games that can be heard, such as the challenging orbital game Orbt XL, the only post the game of apocalyptic golf Golf Club: Wasteland, and the wonderful horror episode of Bendy and the ink machine. So without further ado, here are the most notable games released in the last week.

Orbt XL

Orbt XL is a game of challenging orbits with a minimalist design. As you orbit around a black hole, you will have to be continually on the alert to make sure you do not get sucked into the void or ram yourself into one of the many capricious obstacles in orbit with you. Orbt XL offers a simple design that is based on the mechanics of the many casual orbital games that are already in the Play Store, but it works well and is nice, which is the only thing that really matters.

Golf club: Wasteland

Golf Club: Wasteland is a slippery golf game with an exciting theme. Planet Earth has been the victim of an ecological catastrophe, and now the desolate world is a great golf course for the ultra rich who live on Mars. This means that you can play golf at the ruins of the Earth, which is quite unique. Pixel-based graphics perfectly accent the strange story, and you should not miss the original soundtrack. Also, the gameplay is pretty good, especially if you love golf games, so make sure you do not miss this version. There is even a demo available for those of you who want to try the game before spending money.

Bendy and ink machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a fantastic puzzle-based horror game that unfolds in the first person. The graphics are designed to mimic the caricatures of the 1930s era, which may seem familiar to anyone who has played Bendy in Nightmare Run, a self-runner from the same studio that was released earlier this year. What is especially interesting about this version is that it is the port of a PC and a console game, which means that you can expect a fully developed title that renounces many of the questionable mobile mechanisms found in most versions. of Play Store.

Falling ball

Falling Ball is an endless casual runner where you can control the path of a ball as it falls from one platform to another. While the gameplay is quite simple, I find that there is a small and lovely emotion in the gameplay when you bypass multiple platforms to finally hit your landing on a small strip many meters below.

Light-It Up

Light-It Up is a brightly colored platform game that offers an interesting game. Your job is to jump from one block to the next. Each block you touch will light up with a neon color, and once all the blocks have been lit, you can move on to the next level. What makes this configuration so pleasant is that there are physical mechanics linked to each block. This means that they will move around each time you touch them, which could easily push them out of reach. Careful planning and fast movements are the keys to success in this version.


Idle Painter 3D

Idle Painter 3D is the latest release of ZPLAY Games, a studio that tends to focus on casual games. Idle Painter3D fits perfectly into that category, since it is an idle beater with a painting theme. The images shown in the screenshots below begin as lines painted automatically with brushes and, as they are drawn slowly, you will gain a coin that can be used to speed up those brushes or even expand their width. This makes the image draw faster and faster as you improve your skills.

Surf road

Highway Surf is a futuristic auto-runner that will make you compete in hoverboard races on highways. The controls might require some work, and the gameplay is not really explained, but once you find out what’s going on, it’s fun. Basically, you compete in races of sixty seconds, and the goal is to run as far as you can before those sixty seconds end. The more you run, the more rewards you earn.

Wil Knight

Wil Knight is a quirky dungeon explorer that deals with grinding. You play as a gentleman who always advances and automatically attacks the numerous enemies on the screen, and it will be your job to micromanage your team so you can move forward without dying. This team can even merge as you collect it so you can build more powerful weapons to attack the many enemies in front of you.

Total RPG (Towers of the Ancient Legion)

Action RPGs tend to be a fairly popular genre in the Play Store. There are many to choose from, although most tend to contain questionable monetization practices. Total RPG deviates from that trend with an ARPG that places the game above greed. While there certainly is not much history to find, the game remains, and you will not even have to deal with a lot of waiting timers or similar limitations that are designed to prevent you from playing as much as you do. I like it.

Mini hospital

Mini Hospital is an informal construction simulator with a hospital theme. It will be your job to build and improve the rooms of the building, as well as hire new staff and direct patients to the appropriate areas for treatment. The whole game exudes a lot of polish, although the included resistance system can be irritating when you sit down for a prolonged play session.

Massive war: sequels

Massive Warfare: Aftermath is a free war game that encapsulates air, water and land vehicles. This means that you can pilot many different aircraft, as well as drive tanks, and even take the wheel of your favorite warplane. There are two modes included, one free for all sections and the combat mode to death mode. The 4×4 online multiplayer is also present, which means you can take on random opponents as well as your friends. Just be sure to be aware of the large amount of purchases within the application, as they are at the top of the price spectrum for a mobile version.

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