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amazon prime apk

Amazon Prime Video, the latest APK (236005041) is an application designed especially for lovers of television series and movie fans. You can download and watch many popular TV series and movies in the application immediately using the Internet connection. The application allows you to find the IMDb information on the video while you watch it using X-Ray. You can also subscribe to many popular channels upon request when registering as an Amazon member. You will get several privileges, such as renting or buying new popular videos and current movies. In summary, this application is for people who are passionate about watching good movies and TV shows on the go.

Amazon Prime apk review

There are many things to discuss about Amazon Prime apk for Android. Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. For this, the advantages include an easy-to-use interface, additional information available from the videos that interest you, preview button and content. As soon as you get to the main page of the application, you will be presented with several recommendations of television programs and movies placed in perfectly large boxes. You can easily choose the video you want to see by tapping the image.

If you’re just curious, you can touch the preview button to take a look at the movie or the television show. It also provides a variety of interesting videos that you can consult in its huge library. It has many UK TV programs that are not available in other applications that provide movie services. Most of them are also available in HD quality, which increases your experience in watching the movie.


On the other hand, the subscription of the application can be quite expensive. Despite the large collection of television shows and movies, you may have to make several purchases to watch several television shows, for example, the most recent one. In addition, several newly released movies have display limitations due to license restriction, so you really can not enjoy all the services in an unlimited time. In general, the pros and cons of using the application are listed below.

amazon prime apk

Amazon Prime Apk Pros:

  • It has user friendly interface and preview button.
  • It provides huge collection of movies and TV shows

Amazon Prime Apk Cons:

  • This app is quite expensive.
  • There are viewing limitations.

How to Use the App

Make sure you have installed the application first. Once you have installed it, open the application and touch the “Continue” button on the information screen. Then, you can start watching any movie or TV show you want by simply touching the image. You can check additional information about the movie during playback time by pausing the movie.

You will see a transparent screen that provides information about the rating and cast members of the movie. One thing you must remember is that you must first log in before you can rent or buy movies in the application. You can also subscribe to many movie providers such as Cinemax, HBO and many more once you have logged in by tapping the name of the provider.

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