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temple run 2 mod apk

Yesterday, I introduced you to Zombie Tsunami, so why not play another mobile game phenomenon? Temple Run 2 mod apk is an endless racing game released by Imangi Studios. Since its launch, the game has been dubbed “the definitive game for mobile devices” and has attracted a large number of players around the world.

You can easily see the dramatic change of part 2, since it has been greatly improved in terms of graphics compared to the previous version. In addition, the game also updates many new features and interesting characters, which gives you an unforgettable experience and makes you addicted at any time. I bet your friends are playing this game, can you break your scoring record?

Run or die

temple run 2 mod apk

Temple Run 2 has an endless running game. I think it’s quite similar to Subway Surfer, but this game has another plot and content. You are an adventurer lost in the mysterious forest, but you are lucky to find an antiquity that existed a thousand years ago. But you never know that you have a real nightmare. This antiquity has a terrible curse, who dares to awaken it will end up being catastrophic. You have awakened the giant monster that guarded antiquity, and now you have to run as fast as you can if you do not want to break your body. Remember, do not look back, it is always behind you.

How to play temple run 2

temple run 2 mod apk

Temple Run 2 mod APK requires you to be able to avoid obstacles and collect coins on your trip. You must really concentrate on crossing dangerous cliffs, zip lines and dark dungeons full of traps. Just an error, you will become dinner for the monster.

The gameplay that you probably know, is quite simple, even slide the screen up to control the jump of the character, slide down to roll, slide to the right or move sideways. Talking is always easier than doing it, especially when the game seeks to discourage your efforts by designing so many subtle traps that you can lose at any time.

There is some support you can find during the race, such as a shield to protect you for a while or a magnet to attract coins (like Subway Surfer). In particular, when you die, you can use blue diamonds to continue the journey. Next time, the amount of diamonds you have to spend is doubled. They are very valuable in this game, you can use your money to buy them or see ads.

Unlock new characters

The money you collect will be used to unlock more of your favorite characters. The game has many different characters to choose from and constantly adds the updates. In the latest version, you can unlock “speed king” is the athlete Usain Bolt. To pursue Usain Bolt, the giant gorilla would be so difficult!

When completing small tasks, you can also earn a fairly large sum. That great!

I like the design of the game

The graphics of Temple Run 2 mod apk have been updated a lot compared to the first version. The great visual experience makes it possible to play for hours without getting bored. In addition, the sound is also impressive. You will feel your heart pounding when you hear the roar of the gorilla behind you.


In general, Temple Run 2 is a great upgrade to the previous version. Games are an excellent entertainment option after hours of stressful work. Do not forget: Stop running means dead!

temple run 2 mod apk

Temple Run 2 Mod Apk Description

The development of Temple Run 2 mod apk from scratch was not copied from the generation of games. The developers abandoned the original 3D engine, resorted to using the most powerful Unity 3D engine, so the screen effect that the previous generation was completely upgraded to a level. -aPkaward.cOm

Generations of angular graphics, the scene has almost no sense of space, but sophistication of the second generation basically represents the highest level of parkour games.

The quality of the texture of the game is very high, the spots on the lead dress are clearly visible. The insignificant basic effects of light and shadow generation have been strengthened in the second generation. Under different angles of light, the shadows of people and buildings are very real. In terms of color, unlike the darker shades of the previous generation, the second generation is clearly brighter and allows players to see clearly every corner of the screen.

In general, the game screen has been a wide range of updates, to allow the satisfaction of the players.

Temple Run 2 made no dramatic change in the sound of the game, but it was more realistic, rich and enjoyable than the previous generation. Whether it’s the voice of the jumping protagonist, the voice of eating gold or the sound of a tense background drum, the second generation of processing is more delicate than the generation. In short, the sound effect has also been a complete update, the player will never be disappointed.

Compared to an advancing generation, “Temple Run 2 mod apk” added several new games. In an hour of game time, I experienced a new way of playing the cable, the car, the cliff, the trap, in the process of running, always kept the tension. The gameplay of Temple Run 2 is more complex and changing, and players are always nervous during the game.

The mode of operation “Temple Run 2 mod apk” compared to the previous generation basically does not change, involving the action of jumping, sliding, moving, just these. If you’ve played parkour games before, start “Temple Run 2” without difficulty. The biggest difficulty in the game is a continuous trap, but Temple Run 2 backs the predictions, and you jump immediately after the jump, the game can identify your action, even if the characters in the game have not completed the previous action.

Temple Run 2 is an excellent sequel that will once again capture the hearts and minds of players with simple and fluid controls based on a full range of improved screen sounds, more complex and changing games. The Andrews platform is the best parkour game, “Temple Run 2” to be one of them.

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