Facebook’s new Stories feature for event sharing actually sounds useful


Facebook continues to go through the most controversial period in its history, as it fights against the consequences of numerous scandals related to data privacy, misinformation and false news, as well as broader problems related to the corrosive role of the network social in democratic societies.

But as young users leave the platform for hippy Instagram and the site’s reputation continues to be successful, a key feature remains absolutely vital: events. Facebook is still the best place to organize a calendar of social events, birthdays, concerts and other real-world meetings, thanks to the existing social graphic on Facebook and the fact that companies and event organizers still consider it as the platform for most important promotion. . For an older user like me, the features related to events are the reason why I keep using Facebook beyond Messenger.

Therefore, it makes sense for Facebook to become Events as the next destination for your Stories product. The company said today that it plans to begin testing a way to “share the events that interest it and coordinate to meet with IRL friends” using Stories. The test will be carried out in the USA. UU., Brazil and Mexico, and should be available for mobile users on both iOS and Android.


Unlike the standard Stories feature, which Facebook initially took from Snapchat to use on Instagram to help it become exceptionally popular, this specific implementation is designed to share the details of an event with your friends. That way, you can see who will want to attend a next show or some other activity that has a corresponding event page. The stories will come with stickers to reveal the details of the event, and friends can alternate with each other as “interested” or “go” to the event directly from the story. There is also a link to the built-in event page and a way to start a group chat in Messenger with friends who responded.

To be fair, as uninteresting as Stories can be outside Instagram, this is really a very smart strategy that remixes the conventional format and does something really useful with it. The problem, of course, is convincing your friends to check Facebook Stories, which, for most people, is a secondary priority after their Instagram or Snap Story or not used at all. (Inexplicably, Facebook says that its Stories products for the main application of Facebook and Messenger have a total of 300 million daily users, but none of my friends seems to use it). But I can see that this is one of Facebook’s most successful attempts. It has been deployed throughout its seemingly endless quest to make stories happen in the main mobile application.

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