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Fire Emblem Heroes Apk

Fire Emblem Heroes, the latest APK 3.2.0 (358181) is one of the most recent series of games released by its developer for mobile series and is probably the latest game designed specifically for Android devices. It is said that this game is the precedent of all Nintendo games that have been designed for smartphones. In the initial version of this game, it was supposed to be praised as a breakthrough because it was launched on Android. That said, you’ll discover if this game is really worth it or the other way around.

Fire Emblem Heroes apk review

For those who do not know what this game is, Fire Emblem Heroes apk for Android is a role-playing game or RPG in which you can play a character of your choice to solve the mission assigned to you. Of course, you can use any strategy to solve the mission. In terms of graphic design, this game shows similarity to those of Nintendo 3DS. In that case, it has well-designed 3D graphics that show some improvements compared to Nintendo DS. Therefore, it has some strength in terms of graphics.

As indicated above, you can choose a character from the many available in the start menu to be the main character to be played during the game. In addition to choosing the main character, you will also have the opportunity to form your own alliances. Along with that, you can use various types of weapons to fight. However, a criticism comes out of this game with respect to game levels. In this game, you must play endless levels to beat. Because of that, you will get bored of playing this game easily and you will stop playing it.


In general, this game is not bad after all, thanks to the revisions explained in the previous paragraph. However, it has its own defects that compromise its good quality. However, this does not mean that this game is not worth it and that time is lost. It just has some flaws. But in reality, you will not be disappointed, as it has several good qualities.

fire emblem heroes apk


  • It offers the good quality graphic.
  • There are various selections of characters and weapons.


How to Play Fire Emblem Heroes

As stated before, the first thing you should do before entering the game is to choose the character you choose. Choose the one you like best; Either man or woman is fine. Afterwards, you can make an alliance consisting of other characters such as your combat company. In addition, the next thing you must do is choose several weapons among many to be the ones you use to fight. When you do, you will be shown a brief summary of what you must do at a certain level in this game.

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