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Frontline Commando provides mobile players with a third-person shooting action exceptionally close to the console experience. This game is one of the most polished and beautiful for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, and includes a series of advanced features that make the game much more fun. Like modern console shooters, Frontline Commando apk has smooth 3D graphics, a variety of powerful weapons and a destructible environment that provides coverage and hiding places. All this is impressive for a game that is meant to run on a smartphone or tablet. Most players will realize instantly that this game is surprisingly similar to console games of the same genre, and the graphics are really amazing for such a game. The animations are smooth and fluid, there is very little delay and the visual effects are impressive. This represents one of the most realistic ways in which players can enjoy being the star of their own action movie. Despite the fact that the game includes so much action and realistic graphics, it does not fail or fall behind when playing even at the highest level. The game offers a great challenge for players of all skill levels, and in many cases the game could be considered too challenging. This is meant to help keep players hooked, and does a good job at that. Multiple variations and environments of the enemy also have their own sound effects, which helps the player feel as if they were in battle. One of the most notoriously well-made aspects of the game is the controls, which have been perfected almost perfectly. It is possible that most players are not used to using the touch screen controls for a shooting game, but this game has affected the system. The players point my fingers across the screen and there are buttons on the periphery that control recharge, shot and coverage. A separate button to duck is also included, and doubles as an ammo reload button when players find a box of ammunition. The range of weapons included is quite broad, but there are also in-game purchases that allow players to unlock even more weapons. The missions in the game are also quite varied. Many shooters in the mobile genre are too limited in the game, but Frontline Commando apk provides ever-changing targets such as survival, rescue or absolute elimination of the enemy. Such a variety prevents the game from becoming boring as the player progresses. As the player completes the levels, they are awarded money in the game that can be used to buy new weapons. As with most mobile games, there are also purchases within the application that can only be purchased with real money. Players will find that this game is almost instantly addictive and offers hours of game potential. The touch screen controls are incredible, and the variety of options for the player to customize their character and game style is almost endless.




Multiple Missions Addictive Gameplay Fluid Controls Amazing Graphics


Very Difficult In-App Purchases


Important: it is necessary to install this game from the official Uptodown application. The file includes additional OBB data, so it is not compatible with traditional installation packages.

Frontline Commando apk is a third person action game in which you play the role of the last survivor of a combat unit that was part of a renegade attack in a hostile territory. Your goal is to get out of the situation alive by eliminating as many enemies as you can in the process.

The game is what you would normally find in this game style: escape behind the objects so that the enemy can not shoot you, use the left virtual joystick to move the character, use the right virtual joystick to aim and kill all the enemies that appear on your screen

The game has a variety of missions in which you will have the opportunity to show your courage. Fortunately, you have the help of a huge arsenal of weapons, such as machine guns, sniper rifles and shotguns, which will be useful when you try to overcome each level.

The graphics in Frontline Commando apk are spectacular, with somewhat crude and simple character designs, but in general the graphics are well designed.

Frontline Commando apk is a very entertaining action game with surprisingly precise controls, considerable duration and is completely free. The only problem is that, of course, you will have to buy certain items with real money if you want to use them.

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