Galaxy Wars Infinity Space Attack 2019

Galaxy Wars Infinity Space Attack 2019

Unleash your most powerful weapon in your spaceship to destroy the one that is above all God Blaster! Prepare your plane, wedge your skill with your squadron and travel 50 incredible levels in this modern shooting game in the arcade space!

🌟 God created the entire galaxy and also created the God Blaster, the punishment of our sin. You are the chosen defender of the space kingdom. You are destined to prevent God Blaster from devouring all the planets, including our Earth.

🌟 The journey ahead is, in fact, a challenge, but there are many surprising things waiting to be explored. You have control of more than 10 powerful battle ships, each with their own special abilities. Moving to the next rank with each ship will give you bullets and special abilities, collecting cards through each level to unlock a new rank and a spaceship.


Are you ready to conquer the galaxy and protect your people?
Gen The classic genre with an innovative game will keep you playing all day.
🚀 Wonderful and fascinating modern graphics.
🚀 Over 50 exciting levels, including 5 BIG BOSS: Red Skull, War Machine, Dangerous Station, Gladiator and the Ultimate Boss: God Blaster.
🚀 12 spaceships that are thrown through the line of fire of the enemies, including: Yellow Stone, Red Horn, Thunder Storm, Evil Wings, Bird Star, Angel Wings, Nightmare, Wings of Death, Night Tracker, Sharp Blade, Dark Buster, Phoenix.
🚀 Great rewards await you at all levels.
🚀 Fun and challenging bullet-hell vertical shooting game.

From an unknown soldier to a veteran who changes the story, are you ready? If you like the classic action shooter, this game is a real pleasure. We hope to bring the best game to all people around the world. Please help us improve our game even more. We treasure every comment Thank you very much!
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Galaxy Wars Infinity Space Attack 2019
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