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Mobogenie is a management program for your Android phone. This program allows you to synchronize your Android smartphone with your personal computer to allow file transfer, synchronize contacts and download messages. There is also a market that offers a wide range of games, wallpapers, ring tones and applications, most of which are generally free to use as proof and offer superior use at an economical price. These items are downloaded through your personal computer and then installed directly on your phone.


The program is quite simple to use. There are no drivers to install, and the Mobogenie market works even if your phone is not connected to the computer. The design looks like iTunes because there are different sections to navigate. The market permanently rests as the default, and the navigation function is done through tabs at the top of the program. When choosing a particular function, that interface opens in the center of the stage. This can be a challenge if you want to perform multiple functions.


File Management Toolkit

One of the features of the Mobogenie application is that it is a set of independent tools to use on Android smartphones. This allows the user to modify and update the phone as needed. When connecting the phone to the computer, Mobogenie immediately searches for the drivers and looks for system updates that have not been applied. This is a convenient feature, but it can also be quite annoying if all you wanted to do was transfer some files from the phone to the computer (or vice versa). File management tools are on par with other management tools of their kind that allow users to transfer and exchange between their PC and their phone.


Backup and Restore

Mobogenie includes a backup feature that allows the user to back up the entire file structure of the phone and copy those files to the computer to keep them safe. This includes the backup of the installed files that are the core of the applications themselves. Photos, music and even contacts are also placed in a backup file. Restoring your files on the phone can be done using the program and is reasonably fast. This is really what makes the program useful.


  • Great backup and restore
  • Easy to use
  • Considerable market


  • Intrusive
  • malicious
  • spam
  • Glitchy


Mobogenie is a good Android interface for managing files and for supporting the contents of the phone. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of excessive advertising and software that automatically installs not only on your computer but also on your phone. The market is decent, with a good list of applications and add-ons to personalize the phone, but it does not stand out compared to the Google Play market. Mobogenie is a good program for tablets or low-end phones that do not support Google Play as an option.

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