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pixel gun 3d apk

In Play Store, most of the available games belong to the Minecraft graphics and have a poor game. However, not all Minecraft graphics games have a poor game. One of them is Pixel Gun 3D, latest APK 15.99.0 (46628). This is a game published for the first time in 2013. It was actually available on a PC called Pixel Gun World. However, it is suspended and now it is only available on Android only. It can be considered one of the most recommended mobile games for you. Therefore, it will be better to first know the detailed review of this game.

Pixel Gun 3D review

Actually it is a story, but there are several campaigns available. First, you must find some answers about how the zombie outbreak occurred. It’s good but it’s repetitive where the mission is to kill a boss and enemies. After all, you must finish the mission quickly and you must not take damage to get three stars. There is also an Arena mode in which it is a survival mode. There are also waves. You must also kill monsters. That is all.

pixel gun 3d apk


Gameplay and Multiplayer

Pixel Gun 3D apk for Android also offers multiplayer. Before that, we can say that the gameplay is really simple like Call of Duty but without a system of iron sights and grenades. There are six modes offered. They include Team Battle, Deathmatch, Coop Survival, Zone Control, Deadly Games and Flag Capture. There are also clans. But to recruit someone, you must befriend them and send an invitation.

Pixel Gun 3D Apk Pros:

  • Great multiple gameplay
  • Various customization choices
  • Great map selections

Pixel Gun 3D ApkCons:

  • Repetitive campaigns
  • Clan system

How to Play Pixel Gun 3D

Actually, this game is really amazing. However, repetitive campaigns make it a bit boring. There are many people who play this game and feel bored when they only play for a few minutes. It’s because they play the single player. To avoid boredom, I suggest you play the multiplayer option. It will be much more fun so you do not get bored. Besides that, you should also consider inviting other players to your clan. It will make you more excited when playing this game. Then, you must also choose the personalization and the map according to your desire. As time goes by, this game will love you more. In general, it can be a perfect game for your smartphone.

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