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Prisma apk is a photo editing application that allows you to apply amazing filters to any image. These filters are much more than an extra layer of color or black and white. You will have more than a dozen to choose from and almost all of them will radically change the look of your photos.

All available filters appear at the bottom of the screen. When you touch one of them, you must wait a few seconds while the changes are made. Sometimes, the wait is more than 10 to 15 seconds due to the fact that, quite often, the changes that are made in their images are very drastic. Despite the waiting time, you will see that the final results are impressive and really worthwhile.

Once you have your photos with your filters applied, you can easily save them in the memory of your device or share the image directly on social networks. In the configuration options within Prism, you can also deactivate a watermark that is present by default.

Prisma apk is an exceptional and amazing photo filter application. Not only does it have a lot of filters, but it also has all the quality requirements to produce really spectacular final results.


Without a doubt, Prisma is one of the most relevant applications launched in 2016. Thanks to its originality and the quality of the filters, as long as one thing is clear; This application was built taking into account the design and artistic aesthetics. Until now, it was a completely free service with more than 20 different filters included by default, but with the latest addition of 15 filters along with its own filter market to buy even more, this application has grown considerably. Best of all (for now) these 15 new filters are totally free.

Accessing this section is quite easy, just take a photo from the application (as you have been doing so far). The only change here is that you will see a new icon with a full roll of filters. A quick touch on any of them will take you to the new Prisma market. From there, you will see a list of available filters, as well as “New Releases”, where you can download and add new filters for free. What you are not sure about is whether the future of this application includes or does not include more free filters or if you will have to pay for them later. In any case, what really matters is that they are free, for now.

It is likely that the new filters will not surprise the Prisma fans who, at the end of 2016, received the launch of a kind of Instagram-like event chronology that allows them to interact and follow the publications of other users within the popular application. .


To access the new Prisma apk filters, you must update your latest version of Android (v2.4.0.138) that is available on Uptodown through the application’s original APK package.


One of the defining applications of 2016 is Prism. This artistic editor has conquered many people thanks to its ease of use as well as the amazing results it produces. Making any image look like a painting by Van Gogh, Lichtenstein or Mondrian is as simple as touching the screen. But the application does not stop there: in the latest update it has become an appropriate social network, a space to share your photos edited with Prism.

Prisma’s new features inevitably lead to its toughest competition. Prisma has taken Instagram as his point of reference in terms of how he does things. It is no longer just that the interface is very similar: the new additions are almost identical. They receive photos of the people you follow, the most popular publications and the “Like” option of other people’s things by tapping the screen twice.

The process to add images to Prism is quite simple: simply select the new blue triangle icon that appears after editing your image. You can also add a title to your messages. In addition, you can still share your photos on Instagram or Facebook or save them directly to your device.

The new functions of social networks are still a little green and it is too early to review them. But there are a couple of problems that complicate the experience: you can not create private profiles and you have to give the application permission to use your location to use it. It is likely that the latter will cause many people not to try it at all. We will be waiting to see how this evolves.


The year 2016 has proved to be very prolific for Android applications, having reached a turning point in the saturation of the market where quantity triumphs over quality. However, we have seen many quality sparks that have served to trigger new openings in the development of applications. Here are 9 tools released this year that we believe have proven to be the most relevant for Android, apart from video games.


There have always been applications that add artistic filters to your photos, but none as relevant as Prisma. For practical reasons, it could almost be considered the ideal complement for applications like Instagram, which provides a quick way to apply more than 30 filters that take inspiration from the styles of artists such as Van Gogh, Munch and Picasso.

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