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super mario run apk

Super Mario Run apk is fun? The answer is very funny. However, simply using “Parkour” to classify does not seem appropriate. Because Super Mario Run apk is more a game of riddles than the average parkour game, and it’s not that difficult.

The operation of the game is in fact very simple, Mario advances automatically, jumps short, presses for a long time the highest point in the traditional “Super Mario run apk.” series of people tortured to death 70% of monsters can be automatically avoided, compared to the platform. The operation of the game was much simplified, but the difficulty of the game alone was not reduced. To compensate for the gameplay that simplifies and weakens the game, the game designer has designed a series of pavement devices: a forward-facing arrow lattice that can protrude above; a backward-pointing arrow lattice that can jump backwards; Pause in the previous action pause and so on. These devices can not be a shortcut that allows you to cross the border. Instead, you do not want to be able to close these gateways.

The game designers at the control design level are really excellent, the six worlds of the game, a total of 24 minors, each level can give people a completely different feel, run, climb, fly across the plains, Deep caves, Explore the castle, these The rich adventure will not be lost due to the simple operation of fun, but because of the wonderful level design, people can experience the charm of each of the different worlds.

Although most of the monsters in the game can automatically flip, there are two more chances to die again, but this is again a “good will trap”. Because in some places you have to use the impulse of the trekking monsters to jump, after each death, the bubble to send you back, instead of giving yourself the opportunity to be reborn, since it is one that allows you to think about the use of This mechanism to maximize access to golden opportunities.


Due to these configurations, each one of its actions, its jump, is no longer limited to avoiding monsters and cliffs, but it is better to adjust its own rhythm of progress and better the mystery of the map of customs clearance Question: yes, that does not mean To avoid all risks, you can obtain the golden color required for customs clearance, each gold coin is for you through continuous thinking, analysis, experience gained, if you want to get the first customs clearance. To get all the colored gold coins, it is basically impossible.

super mario run apk

These exquisite level designs naturally raise the difficulty of the game, but each time you pass through a level you will experience great pleasure in knowing that this is not your authorization of luck, but through hard work and by virtue of your own ability. Strength Only customs clearance, gives the feeling of accomplishment is not an ordinary game of Parkour that can be compared.

In addition to the basic tours of the world, games include rally and building a kingdom system, which also gives players the joy of moving.

Speaking so much, “Super Mario Run Apk” as the first hand of Nintendo to test the water, the quality far exceeds the expectations of the people, compared to the other of a mobile platform of fried rice completely portable that is new for the manufacturer of games for mobile devices. If you want to feel the charm of this classic IP on the mobile gaming platform, this is definitely a good option, so that more players like the game can play such a good game.

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