Try These iOS and Android ‘Lemmings’ Games Instead of Sony’s Crappy Port


The classic experience of Lemmings is finally (and officially) available for your smartphone. Having spent many hours cursing the stupidity of these digital creatures, I would normally be very excited to face their many logistical challenges while traveling, standing or sitting in bed. Unfortunately, Sony really punished in this mobile port.

For those who missed this amazing puzzle game of the early 90s, the premise is simple. You have a small army of creatures, the lemmings of green hair, who have to go from point A to point B without suffering the victims of some horrible disaster. Your goal is to prevent them from doing things they should not, like walking on a cliff, doing tasks to animals with special tasks. Some may block their lemmings from going a certain way (to their condemnation); Some could build stairs to carry your army that constantly walks to a destination.

Lemmings is, and has always been, the perfect mix of frustrating and fun. The game of Lemmings for iOS and Android is older than the last, since Sony was exaggerated with its free game mechanics. You can not buy the game directly. As Engadget points out, playing through the levels of the game spends “energy”, and you have to wait for them to accumulate to play more Lemmings. Of course, you can always pay to refresh your energy, but the best thing you can do is buy an “unlimited” application for $ 7, which only allows you to play as much as you want for only two hours. Lame.

For those who are irritated by Sony’s hoarding cash, there are some Lemmings alternatives that are worth slapping on your smartphone:


Caveman (iOS, Android)

(for iOS in the normal, lite, HD and HD lite versions, as well as Android) Lite versions are free, normal is $ 3 and HD is $ 5).

This game is a faithful recreation of the Lemmings game, and I love that you can try it without having to pay a dime.

Zombiez! (iOS, free)

The Lemmings are like zombies without sense, in certain way, reason why this subject makes a lot of sense. And nobody cares if something not dead dies, right?

Kiwanuka (iOS, Android, $ 1-4)

This game looks wonderful, and I am already intrigued by the first review that appears for this game in the App Store: “Lemmings for short attention periods”. The fact that you can use your little creature as bridges, instead of building bridges. , it’s a delight.

Spirits (iOS, $ 3)

In this title, your lemmings are actually spirits that rise from fallen leaves, and you can only assign them one of the four “tasks” to help others reach their destination: build a bridge of leaves, create a cloud by blowing , dig tunnels, or block wind currents. The images for this puzzle are impressive, to say the least.

Bunny Mania 2 (Android, $ 1)

This Android game has a terrible name, but its gameplay is direct Lemmings, only with bunnies. Fortunately, the game also comes with a track system, in case you do not like feeling too frustrated when you play puzzles on your smartphone.

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